About us

Thank you for choosing our company. Excellent, that returning to us.
"Panta Plast" provide attractive products and the best conditions of cooperation.
Want guaranteed satisfaction since Panta Plast draws on the most important for us and for you factors:


  • EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM - Panta Plast is recognized in Poland and in Europe, a manufacturer of office supplies, advertising, and school. Been operating continuously since 1982. Every year we make over 10 million articles. We carry a lot of special contracts in accordance with the wishes of our business partners. We contractwith an unusual level of difficulty and complexity as an extremely short period of time and execution!
  • STAFF - is an experienced production team stability constant for 15 years, guarantees the timeliness and reliability of contacts.
  • QUALITY - Our production is done on modern production lines using the best quality raw materials from renowned European companies.
  • SALES AND TECHNICAL SERVICE - Our goal is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our technical advisors and advise on the optimal trading. Honesty, truthfulness, honoring commitments and kindness is the distinguishing characteristic of our team work with the client.
  • STABILITY - Our decisions are guaranteed by a stable staff of identity management and ownership since the beginning of the company in ensuring its continuation in future years.
  • ETHICS - The company applies the standards of business ethics of Rotary International